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Nov. 5, 2022, 12:58 p.m.

Do you enjoy word puzzles and word games? Then we are going to introduce you an interesting game called codeword. This game is a mix of crosword puzzle and a word search. And this is developed by the Arkadium. This team introduces many addiction games like solataire, Minesweeper and many. By playing these type of word games gives you more relaxing and fun. Once if you start playing this codeword game you will come back everyday for a new puzzle. Your mind will get sharpen and it increases your concentration by playing these games.

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How to Play CodeWord Game?

Let us look into the steps on how to play this codeword word game easily. Codeword game is a fairly straightforward game.

  • When you start a game , you can see a grid and you can see a list of letters on the right side of the screen.
  • While beginning itself already there will be some letters in the grid.
  • Now, select any grid and select the letter you like to make a word and click on the right letter which is on your right.
  • Once if you select a letter the game automatically gives that letter in all the grids where you need that letter.
  • If you place more letters, you will able to figure out the words easily.
  • And also there are some additional tools in the codeward game that helps you to play easily.
    • Check Selected Cell: Once after selecting a letter in the checkbox, you can click on this check selected cell that gives you green color if the letter is in the right place or it gives you red colour.
    • Reveal Selected Cell: If you click on this once after selecting the cell it reveals the correct letter to keep in that box.
    • Open Tutorial: It helps you to open the games tutorial that can help you to know the game rules.
    • Print puzzle : If you click on this icon you can able to take out the print on a paper and you can solve it using pen or pencil.
  • Once if you have completed the word, you can check the definition of that word.

Tips and Tricks of CodeWord

Here are some tips and tricks to follow that gives you highest score in codeword game.

  • While you are playing the game to score high you need to avoid errors.
  • Before starting the game itself you can check the puzzle where you need to keep the correct letter.
  • Game should complete before the time ends.
  • Dont use the reveal selected cell icon and check selected cell icon more, this will lead you to score high.
  • Try to complete the puzzle in 300 seconds, so that you will get a daily bonus.
  • If you have two consonants in a word definetly the space before them and after them must be a vowel.

FAQs on Play Codeword Online Or Online Codeword Or Online Codeword Puzzles

1. What is codeword game?

A codeword game is a crossword grid where we need to enter each letter in the grid that makes a possible words and it has numbers like 1 to 26 in the grid.

2. Are codeword game is free?

Yes, absolutely this codeword game is for free.

3. How is codeword scored?

Codeword is scored based on the hints you used and based on the time and based on the right words you used to form a word. Based on all these your score will be given.

4. What is the best tool to play the codeword game?

Play Codeword on UnscrambleGuru.Com website is the best tool to play the codeword game.