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Nov. 5, 2022, 1:04 p.m.

Can you outspell your opponent? If you are a scrabble lover then it is your lucky day, as we have come up with a similar word game. This is the perfect game to sharpen your skills for your next scrabble tournament. This outspell game is from Arkadium. And this is a free game tool and you don’t need to consume your time to download it. You can open it in the browser directly and play the game. Most interesting thing is, that this outspell game was developed by husband and wife. Kenny Rosenblatt and Jessica Rovello are the creators of the successful Microsoft solitaire collection. Arkadium has many other web-based games as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to play this outspell game, the rules to follow, tips and tricks to win this game, and many other interesting things. And also you can check out other articles like scrabble solver, scrabble go, Text twist and many others are available on our website Unscrambleguru.Com

How to Play Outspell Game?

Outspell game has many similar guidelines to scrabble OR scrabble outspell. If you are the one who had never played any of these word games, or crossword puzzles. You can learn here and know how to play.

  • After opening your game in the browser, you just need to move your letters using the touchpad, or mouse.
  • As we will have the menu button, in that we have the exit button, help button, and toggle sounds on/off buttons. Use them as you required.
  • And if you are stuck in the middle of the game and you are not able to guess the word you can click the shuffle button that will shuffle your tiles. You can shuffle the words as many times as you want.
  • After shuffling the words also if you didn’t find a word you can just exchange your letters with different ones. But by exchanging letters your turn will be complete.
  • There is also a dictionary tool to check the words that you are using are existed or not.
  • While you playing try to take the advantage of the bonus spaces in red and blue colors. While red color spaces multiply the value of the whole word. Blue spaces will multiply the value of letters.

Rules to Follow While Playing Outspell Game

Look into these rules of outspell game that we need to follow while playing this game. These rules are almost similar to the rules of scrabble, words with friends word games.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is select the level of difficulty. If you are new to this game, you can select practice mode to check how this game works.
  • You need to spell your words either vertically or horizontally.
  • While you are making the first move make sure that it should cover the center square.
  • For bonus points, make sure you use more red and blue color spaces.
  • This game will end when all the tiles are filled.

Strategies to Win the Outspell Game

If you want to win the game, there are some little tips and tricks to follow that will help you gain extra points. Check out the below strategies to win the game. Free Outspell.

  • Always use the red and blue spaces to get more bonus points. If you place your tiles on these spaces your letters and words will get multiplied and they will be there for the rest of the game.
  • By using the dictionary button you can write the best word with the letters you have.
  • Increase your score by building multiple letters in a single turn.
  • Use the shuffle feature as it is useful when you are stuck with the letters.

FAQs on Play Outspell Online Game

1. Is Outspell game the same as scrabble?

Yes, the outspell game is the same as the scrabble game.

2. How do you play out outspell?

You will have blank squares on your board, and you will have some letters, you need to fill the blank squares with the letters you have so that you need to make a word that has some meaning. Then you will mark for that word.

3. Is outspell game has an app?

No, outspell game can be directly played in the browser. It doesn’t have any apps.

4. How much does it cost to play out outspell?

Outspell game can be played for free as it is free of cost.