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Nov. 5, 2022, 1:01 p.m.

Strengthen your skills and broaden your mind by playing this word wipe game. Word wipe is a word search game with a twist. Time works against you as you form words to clear the game. One lucky thing is, that you can link the letters in any direction. As we have many levels that keep you busy whenever you need a break from your daily activities. The bigger the word, the higher the score will be. And this game is for free and you can use it right from your browser. When you combine the letters to make a word, if the word is correct then it will disappear from the board. This game is developed by Arkadium.

Look into the article and learn how to play the game, tips and tricks, and many interesting things. For more interesting word game articles, check out UnscrambleGuru.Com

How to Play This Word Wipe Game?

Word wide is a fun and interesting game to play. It has a simple concept of joining letters together into lines to create words. Here are some steps to follow for playing this game. Free word wipe game, Check out carefully and play the game.

  • Before starting the game just check for the words that you can find, this will make it easier to pass the level.
  • Every level is based on some time, so you need to complete the game quickly before time out.
  • Click the first letter, drag your mouse, and start clearing your tiles. When you complete the word that word will disappear.
  • Continue the game in this manner until your time completes or till you reach your goal.

Tips & Tricks To Win the Game with a High Score

If you want to win the game follow these simple tips and tricks that give you a high score.

  • Spot longer words that help you score higher than spotting small words.
  • If you see a word start dragging without leaving the mouse once check if you can make a long word either from front or back end.
  • You need to create words that are atleast 3 letters long.
  • As we have a bonus bombs it will give you a massive boost to your score.
  • You can make words horizontally, vertically, diagonally or a combination of all the three.
  • The longer the word you will get high score.

What is the Use of this Bonus Bombs?

Bonus bombs will help you to clear the words, earn more points, and gets highest score. These bonus bombs are given by word wipe game, once after completing the goals that are set by the game. These goal should be acheived in the given time.

FAQs on Play Word Wipe Online

1. How many levels do we have in word wipe?

In word wipe game, we will have upto 20 rounds in total.

2. What is the good score in word wipe?

Good score in word wipe game is 25000 to 35000. If you want to get this score you need to clear the board in 90% of the levels.

3. What is a bonus bomb in word wipe?

Bonus bomb helps you to delete the words / alphabets in word wipe. To get the bonus bomb you need to reach the goal set by the word wipe game.

4. Is Word wipe a free app?

Word wipe game is for free of cost,  word wipe free, but it is not an app. you can directly open in your browser and play the game. Word wipe app is not there.