Text twist Online Game - Features | How to Play Text Twist 2?

Nov. 5, 2022, 1:08 p.m.

Text twist is a game where you can create as many as meaningful words from 6 assigned letters. It is one of the fun games developed by GameHouse. It tests the knowledge of words.

In the Text Twist game, you have to find words that use all the letters at once. Text Twist 2 game was made available on web browser desktop and mobile. Text Twist Solver can be found by giving the required details at the word finder, selecting all dictionaries and hitting the search words button.

How to Play Text Twist?

Text Twist features a combination of easy and tricky words to find. The words minimum length should be 3 letters. You are given 2 minutes time in every round to find as many words as you can before the timer runs out. To get qualified for the next round, you need to find the longest word which uses all letters. This game will test your literacy skills.

Finding words becomes more tricky and difficult as you are moving to the highest levels. To help the game has a twist feature which allows to shuffle the letters. This feature is useful when you get stuck and need a fresh perspective.

Text Twist Features

The important features of the text twist word game are listed here:

  • You have to use your creative language skills to find various words.
  • Fun gameplay feature tests your English literature.
  • Increasing difficulty makes the game a real challenge.
  • Timer rounds add excitement and pressure.

FAQ's on Text Twist

1. Where can I play text twist free?

You can play Text Twist now on GamePix, it's about text twist word finder. On android mobiles, it is available on Google Play.

2. How to unlock untimed mode text twist?

To unlock the text twist untimed or untimed mode text twist game or untimed text twist, you have to press and hold the back button on your phone. You can play  text twist 2 untimed, and so on.

3. What is a super text twist?

The process of unscrambling the letters you are given to make as many words as you can is called super text twist. There are  text twist gamehouse, and other apps too. Select the unscramble text twist.

4. How many rounds does text twist have?

The text twist word game has exactly 5 rounds.


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